A necessarily complementary skin care for your face. It helps you to improve and preserve its vitality. Very smooth, containing Aloe Vera and Lavender, it takes care of your face. Calming, purifying, treating, hydrating, it is the very first skincare which allows a better assimilation of the following creams applied (anti-ageing, hydrating, restructuring…) to maintain its everyday beauty.

Aloe Vera Premium®: immuno-stimulant, healing, has also regenerating properties, one protective effect and an emollient action.

Lavender: disinfecting, healing, calming and releasing. Its properties are scientifically recognized. It is lenitive, disinfecting and regenerating.

The LOTION helps you to improve, to preserve the vitality of your skin, before the application of other treatments. Has to be used daily after the cleansing phase. It can be associated with all the range anti-ageing & Spa from LYDéHa for an optimal skincare treatment. Fits all skin types even delicates one.

Available in 250ml  / 8.45 Fl. Oz. -  45€