4essences - RELAX

Relax is a mix of essential oils multi purpose: the formula contains the best and purest organic oils of our region as well as rare oils, for a very effective result. This unique blend can be used for local applications (avoid any contact with sensitive area) Usable in massage, diluted in neutral massage oil, to relieve muscle’s tension, in hot compress, to decrease the sensation of tiredness, in bath and feet-bath to reduce accumulated stress during the day and to bring a sense of freshness. 

Relax is extremely efficient in atmosphere diffusion to purify all environments, in deep inhalations to free and deterge the respiration system during allergies or other seasonal illness which may disturb your respiratory system, in diffusion in the sauna to stimulate and invigorate yourself. (Please carefully read the internal instructions before any use - keep out of reach of children) 

Expected results : 
~ Muscular tension relief, emotional relaxation and rinvingorating effect 
~ Purifying properties 
~ Helps Allergy symptoms relief

Available 10ml - 24€